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What We Do

The Associazione PIIU is a network of professionals working in the world of technological innovation in industrial and research settings, with extensive experience in creating, managing and participating in complex national and European research projects related to strategic Research and Innovation processes.


We are specialised in specific calls for proposals with a proven track records in drafting, managing and assessing EU funded projects.


We work in close collaboration with several IT companies, SMEs and startups for creating value and facilitating the efficiency of their core business operations in order to leveraging further investment and creating linkages with other regional/national initiatives.


We have in-depth knowledge of EU Commission procedures, requirements and a large network of contacts among funders and grant authorities. We possess a sound track record of several years in submitting EU funding applications on behalf of large and small/medium-size companies, research centres, NGOs and local authorities with project budgets ranging from two to several million euros.


Most of our members worked as evaluators for the current funding programs and on numerous successful EU applications both as coordinators and partners.

Project Management & Administration

PIIU has many years of experience in managing national and EU-funded research projects.

We provide support for the preparation of joint R&D proposals and comprehensive services for managing and supporting collaborative research projects and initiatives under the Horizon Europe and FTI programmes, as well as within the National Operative Programme (PON).


Exploitation and Dissemination of Project Results

In order to secure maximum impact from EU-funded projects and action, PIIU supports EU project consortia in the implementation of dissemination and exploitation activities by providing guidelines, good practice examples and by offering activities for active dissemination and European exchange at transversal level.

Practice Areas
  • Research and technology transfer

  • Project management & administration

  • R&D Project Assessment

  • ​IPR protection

  • Innovation management

  • Dissemination & exploitation plans

  • Coordination and execution of Open Calls

  • Licensing, development of spin-offs and ICT joint ventures

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